List of Homestays in Tanahun: 40+ Homestays List

Homestays in Tanahun

Tanahun, Nepal, beckons with its captivating blend of nature and culture. But what if you could delve deeper, experience the true pulse of the region, and become part of the story? Homestays in Tanahun offer a unique opportunity to do just that.

Finding Your Perfect Homestay:

Tanahun boasts a variety of homestays, each offering a unique experience. Some, like the Ashalbotey Community Homestay, focus on cultural immersion, while others, like the Bandipur Organic Village Homestay, prioritize sustainable living.

List of Homestays in Tanahun

List of Homestays in Abukhaireni Rural Municipality

S.NHomestays NameMunicipalityWard
1Hilekharka Community HomestayAbukhaireni Rural Municipality6
2Chhimkeswori Community HomestayAbukhaireni Rural Municipality5

List of Homestays in Bandipur Rural Municipality

S.NHomestay NamesMunicipalityWard
1Bimalnagar Community HomestayBandipur Rural Municipality4
2Bindabasini Community HomestayBandipur Rural Municipality4
3Tindhara Community HomestayBandipur Rural Municipality4
4Ramkot Community HomestayBandipur Rural Municipality3
5Bandipur Community HomestayBandipur Rural Municipality2
6Dharampani Kanyadevi Community HomestayBandipur Rural Municipality6
7Asaubote Community HomestayBandipur Rural Municipality3
8Dadachap Angatari Community HomestayBandipur Rural Municipality6
9Korikha Community HomestayBandipur Rural Municipality5
10Mohoriya Community HomestayBandipur Rural Municipality2
11Kalambari Community HomestayBandipur Rural Municipality6

List of Homestays in Bhanu Municipality

S.NHomestays NameMunicipalityWard
1Greenhill Village Community HomestayBhanu Municipality9
2Tutepani Community HomestayBhanu Municipality13
3Bayapani Community HomestayBhanu Municipality12
4Basakharka Community HomestayBhanu Municipality11
5Mirlung Kanchi Barahi Madkina Community HomestayBhanu Municipality12
6Baspani Community HomestayBhanu Municipality13
7Nawarung Community HomestayBhanu Municipality5
8Ranagaun Maldanda Community HomestayBhanu Municipality4

List of Homestays in Bhimad Municipality

S.NHomestays NameMunicipalityWard No
1Raghu Community HomestayBhimad Municipality2
2Pathardi Community HomestayBhimad Municipality9
3Mechulung Community HomestayBhimad Municipality5
4Jhinguranrung Newa Community HomestayBhimad Municipality7

List of Homestays in Byas Municipality

S.NHomestays NameMunicipalityWard No
1Kulung Community HomestayByas Municipality14
2Tanahunsur Devsthal Community HomestayByas Municipality11
3Keshabtar Community HomestayByas Municipality14
4Jaubari Community HomestayByas Municipality9
5Dumsi Namunagram Darai Community HomestayByas Municipality10
6Apswara Samudayik Dalit Community HomestayByas Municipality13
7Tanahunsur Community HomestayByas Municipality11

List of Homestays in Devghat Rural Municipality

S.NHomestays NameMunicipalityWard no
1Gopitar Community HomestayDevghat Rural Municipality1
2Karadeep Community HomestayDevghat Rural Municipality2
3Kotbaidi Community HomestayDevghat Rural Municipality2
4Khalte Community HomestayDevghat Rural Municipality2
5Kafal Danda Community HomestayDevghat Rural Municipality4
6Devpur Community HomestayDevghat Rural Municipality5

List of Homestays in Ghiring Rural Municipality

S.NHomestays NameMunicipalityWard No
1Nepal Darai Samaj Utthan Samiti Community HomestayGhiring Rural Municipality1
2Uwathok Community HomestayGhiring Rural Municipality3

List of Homestays in Mygdya Rural Municipality

S.NHomestays NameMunicipalityWard No
1Dandapur Harsapur Community HomestayMygdya Rural Municipality7
2Manahun Community HomestayMygdya Rural Municipality1

List of Homestays in Rishing Rural Municipality

S.NHomestays NameMunicipalityWard No
1Archale Jhiruwas Amrit Community HomestayRishing Rural Municipality8

List of Homestays in Shuklagandaki Municipality

S.NHomestays NameMunicipalityWard No
1Kumal Community HomestayShuklagandaki Municipality8
2Dagam Community HomestayShuklagandaki Municipality2
3Dhor Malagaun Community HomestayShuklagandaki Municipality12
4Rajsthal Community HomestayShuklagandaki Municipality10
5Imandar Community HomestayShuklagandaki Municipality2
6Sthanthokkot Durbar Community HomestayShuklagandaki Municipality2
7Bhujikit Community HomestayShuklagandaki Municipality2
8Ghaderi Community HomestayShuklagandaki Municipality12
above Homestays Granted So Far (FY 2075/76 To 2077/78) By Gandaki Province

Beyond the Hotel Walls:

Forget cookie-cutter hotel rooms. Homestays in Tanahun place you right in the heart of local communities. Imagine waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed Nepali tea, prepared by your welcoming hosts. Step outside and breathe in the crisp mountain air, the soundtrack a symphony of birdsong and the murmur of village life.

Immerse Yourself in Culture:

Homestays aren’t just about accommodation; they’re a cultural immersion experience. You’ll be staying with local families, getting a glimpse into their traditions and way of life. Learn a few phrases in Nepali, participate in cooking demonstrations, and savor authentic meals prepared with homegrown ingredients. Evenings might be filled with lively cultural performances, sharing stories and laughter around a crackling bonfire.

Adventure with Authenticity:

Many homestays in Tanahun are located in picturesque villages nestled amidst stunning landscapes. Your hosts can be your guides, leading you on hikes through hidden trails, introducing you to the region’s diverse flora and fauna. Imagine trekking alongside them, learning about local plant life used for traditional medicine.

Sustainability at its Core:

Many Tanahun homestays embrace sustainable practices. You might find yourself participating in organic farming activities, learning about the importance of preserving the environment. Your stay directly contributes to the local economy, supporting families and fostering a sense of community.

Embrace the unexpected:

Staying in a homestay is an adventure in itself. Be prepared for a simpler lifestyle, limited amenities, and potential language barriers (though most hosts will have some basic English). The reward, however, is an unparalleled connection with the land and its people, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

So, ditch the standard tourist experience and choose a homestay in Tanahun. Open yourself to the warmth of Nepali hospitality, the beauty of the region, and the chance to become part of the local story.

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What are homestays in Tanahun ?

Homestays in Tanahun are family-run accommodations where you stay in a local home, offering a unique opportunity to experience Nepali culture and village life firsthand.

How do I book a homestay in Tanahun ?

Search online: Some homestays have websites or are listed on travel platforms.
Contact local travel agencies: Agencies specializing in Nepal can connect you with homestays.
Ask around: Talk to other travelers or locals for recommendations.


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