The Nepal Experience of RYI Student

Published: June 14, 2024

The Nepal Experience of an RYI Student: Beyond the Bubble of Boudha

Living in Kathmandu can be a whirlwind. As an RYI student, you’re surrounded by a vibrant international community in the heart of Buddha, a Tibetan neighborhood. But sometimes, that very internationality can create a distance from the true essence of Nepal.

Kathmandu is a bustling metropolis, attracting people from all corners of the globe. It’s easy to get caught up in the familiar rhythms of a big city, with its mix of luxury apartments and bustling markets.

But Nepal is so much more. That’s why venturing beyond the city walls is an eye-opening experience for RYI students.

Escape the Kathmandu Bubble:

  • Explore the Countryside: Reading weeks, those semester breaks, are the perfect opportunity to trade cityscapes for breathtaking Himalayan vistas. Trek through valleys or relax in charming towns with panoramic mountain views.
  • Experience Nepali Hospitality: The warmth of Nepali hospitality is legendary, and you’ll find it firsthand in the countryside. Prepare to be welcomed by families who are happy to share their stories, meals, and even their homes with passing strangers.

A Day to Remember:

The author recounts a heartwarming experience during a trek in Helambu. Lost and hungry, they stumbled upon a welcoming family who insisted on sharing their food and celebrating Dashain, a major Nepali festival, with them.

The Tikka Ceremony:

The grandfather bestowed blessings through a traditional tika ceremony, complete with dyed rice and good wishes for marriage, prosperity, and happiness. This unique cultural experience offered a glimpse into Nepali customs and traditions.

Beyond Kathmandu:

This experience is just one of many that highlight the true spirit of Nepal. The country is brimming with kindhearted, welcoming people eager to share their culture with anyone interested.

So, if you’re an RYI student feeling a bit disconnected, remember: Nepal is more than Kathmandu. Embrace the opportunity to explore the countryside and discover the genuine warmth and hospitality that await you beyond the city walls.

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