Couple Jumping in Kushma Bungee: Full Details

Published: December 23, 2023

Last Modified: December 24, 2023

If you are looking for Couple Jumping in Kushma Bungee,meters, then you need to opt for Couple Swing in Kushma, also called Tandem Swing. Couple swinging in Kushma is popular these days among teenagers and newlywed couples. Couple Bungee Jump in Kushma is not available, so the only option for couples is Tandem Swing. You can enjoy the jump from a height of 228 meters, which is also the world’s highest swing. To join the couple swing in Kushma, the total weight of the couple must not be more than 140 KG in total.

The Couple Swing Jump is done from the suspension bridge over Kaligandaki River Gorge, which is also the world’s deepest gorge. The 520-meter-long bridge is the major basepoint of the Tandem Swing Jump. Once all the paperwork and other formalities are done, you will be taken towards the bridge for a jump.

If you want to experience some adrenaline sports with your partner, then this is the one you should give a try. There are no physical requirements for Couple Swing in Kushma; if you think you can do it, then it’s fine.

Price of Couple Swing in Kushma 

Kushma Couple Swing: Tandem SwingNPR 12000
Photo, video, and T-shirt: OptionalNPR 2500

The price of Couple Swing in Kushma is NPR 12000, which is for only a single jump from the platform of 228 meters. You can experience the free fall of 8 seconds in Tandem Swing at Kushma. Besides this, if you would like to capture your memory in a photo or video, then you need to pay an additional NPR 2500.

How to Book Couple Swing in Kushma?

We can assist you in placing your reservation for Couple Swings in Kushma. Reservations can be made either via phone, email, or social media platforms. We need the full name of the jumpers along with the contact number to place your reservation.

Once the name is offered, we will provide you with the payment options, which can be done via eSewa, IME PAY, Khalti, Prabhu Pay, or Connect IPS. Once we receive the payment, we will only send you the final confirmation via email.

Kushma Bungee Jump Fact Sheet
Trip NameKushma Bungee Jump
Bungee LocationKushma, Nepal
Kushma Bungee Height228 Meters
Bungee Freefall Time4.5 Second
Bungee PriceRs 7,500 per person
Photo, video, and T-shirtRs. 1500 per person
Bungee Bridge Length520 Meters
Bungee Weight Limit: Minimum45 KG
Bungee Weight Limit: Maximum95 KG
Couple Swing Weight Limit135 KG in total



1Bungee OnlyNPR (Rs) 7500
2Swing OnlyNPR (Rs) 7500
3Second JumpNPR (Rs) 3500
4Third JumpNPR (Rs) 2500
5Fourth JumpFree for the same jumper
6Tandem SwingNPR (Rs) 13000

Kushma Bungee Discount, Offer Price Note: If you intend to do Kushma Bungee repeatedly, in the second jump you will get a 50% discount on the price of the first jump. Likewise, in the third jump, you will get a 64.28% discount on the price of the first jump. If you want one more, there is no fee for you. The fourth jump is totally free of charge.

For Activities Video and T-Shirt Extra: NPR (Rs) 1500


Individual Packages:

1Go and See Day TripNPR (Rs) 2000
2Bungee or Swing Day TripNPR (Rs) 8450
3Bungee and Swing Day TripNPR (Rs) 11600
4Triple-Thrill Day TripNPR (Rs) 14000 *

* inclusive of 3 jumps; the 4th jump is free for the same person.

Duo Packages:

1Tandem Thrill Day TripNPR (Rs) 15000 (inclusive tandem swing)
2Crazy Duo Day TripNPR (Rs) 27000 (inclusive of 2 single bungees/swings and 1 tandem swing)

The above day trip packages include:

• Shared transportation from Pokhara Lake Side (Halan Chowk) to Kushma and from Kushma to Pokhara Halan Chowk (both ways)
• A buffet lunch at our resort in Kushma.
• All taxes

For Activities Video and T-Shirt Extra: NPR (Rs) 1500

*Day trip packages are available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


Just Chill:

1Deluxe Night StayNPR (Rs) 3500
2Standard Night StayNPR (Rs) 2500

Stay and Play

1Deluxe Stay and Bungee/SwingNPR (Rs) 9999
2Deluxe Stay, Bungee, and SwingNPR (Rs) 13950
3Standard Stay and Bungee/SwingNPR (Rs) 8999
4Standard Stay, Bungee, and SwingNPR (Rs) 12950
5Tandem Deluxe Special (2 people)NPR (Rs) 15999

For Activities Video and T-Shirt Extra: NPR (Rs) 1500

Note: The overnight package prices mentioned above are per person (except for tandem deluxe).

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